Concentrated Nitric Acid Market 2019 by Type (Strong Nitric Acid, Fuming Nitric Acid), by Application (Ammonium Nitrate, Adipic Acid, Nitrobenzene, Toluene Diisocyanate, Others), by End-use Industry (Agrochemicals, Explosives, Automotive, Electronics, Others) Forecast to 2025

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Concentrated Nitric Acid Market applies the most effective of each primary and secondary analysis to weighs upon the competitive landscape and also the outstanding market players expected to dominate Concentrated Nitric Acid Market place for the forecast 2019– 2025.

Scope of The Report:

The nitric acid is available commercially in concentrated form. The rising demand from the construction and building industry as well as the automotive industries for concentrated nitric acid has been anticipated to drive the overall concentrated nitric acid market. The global concentrated nitric acid market has been seeing a good amount growth in the previous few years and is further anticipated to see a lot of growth in the coming few years.

The concentrated form of nitric acid has been colorless, fuming and the highly corrosive liquid with the boiling point at 83 degree Celsius and freezing point at the 42 degree Celsius. This acid has been known to be the most common reagent in laboratories which is used for making the inorganic and organic nitrates. The acid can be toxic and even cause a lot of burns when it comes in contact with skin. The agriculture industry has been widely using the acid for producing the fertilizers. The acid has also been used for the making of elastomers, synthetic rubbers and the polyurethane foams. The acid has also been used for the rocket propellants in the form of an oxidizer. This has also been employed in the dye intermediates.

The segmentation of the global concentrated nitric acid market has been done on the basis of application and type. The segmentation done on the basis of application has been done into the ammonium nitrate, adipic acid, nitrobenzene and diisocyanate. The segment of ammonium nitrate has been accounting for the biggest share in this market. The other major applications exist for the adipic acid. The Adipic acid has been used for the production of nylons and the polymers. The adipic acid has been used in the smaller amount in the food ingredients in the form of a flavor agent. The adipic acid has been used for making the nulons and polyurethane has been driving the demand for the acid and has been expected to overall demand for the acid as well. In terms of the type, the global concentrated nitric acid market has been segmented into the stronger acid and the fuming acid.

Key Players in the Concentrated Nitric Acid Market Report

The global concentrated nitric acid market has been competitive highly because there is the presence of regional and global players. The key companies have been operating in the LSB Industries, Deepak Fertilizers, Koch Fertilizers and the Petrochemicals Corporation Limited.

Market by Regional Analysis

North America (USA, Canada, Mexico), Europe (UK, France, Germany, Russia, Rest of Europe), Asia-Pacific (China, South Korea, India, Japan, Rest of Asia-Pacific), LAMEA, Latin America, Middle East, Africa

Increased demand for the fertilizers leading to the growth in the market

The market is propelling in terms of growth as it has a lot of uses in the making of fertilizers. It is also used in the making of explosives. The rising demand for the fertilizers which contain the higher amount of nitrates. This in turn has been propelling the global concentrated nitric acid market. The stronger acid has been expected to be dominating the global concentrated nitric acid market as it is used in producing the organic as well as inorganic nitrates like the adipic acid, ammonium nitrates and the nitrobenzene. The nitrates have been used for a lot of the industrial applications and the stronger nitric acid is used for the demanding of strong acid in the period of forecast.

Asia Pacific To Be The Top Regional Player In The Global Concentrated Nitric Acid Market

The global concentrated nitric acid market in Asia Pacific region has been expected for the exhibiting the significant rate of growth in the period of forecast. The major reason behind this growth is the  rising demand for the acid in a lot of the industrial applications like the building and construction and the agrochemicals. This has been boosting of market in the region of Asia Pacific not only in terms of revenue but in terms of volume as well.

Concentrated Nitric Acid Key Market Segments:

by Type:

  • Strong Nitric Acid
  • Fuming Nitric Acid

by Application:

  • Ammonium Nitrate
  • Adipic Acid
  • Nitrobenzene
  • Toluene Diisocyanate
  • Others

by End-use Industry:

  • Agrochemicals
  • Explosives
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Others

By Regional & Country Analysis:

  • North America
    • US.
    • Canada
  • Europe
    • UK.
    • France
    • Germany
    • Italy
  • Asia Pacific
    • China
    • Japan
    • India
    • Southeast Asia
  • Latin America
    • Brazil
    • Mexico
  • Middle East and Africa
    • GCC
    • Africa
    • Rest of Middle East and Africa
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