Retail Technology industry trends -Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) Keep Pushing the Limits,Cybersecurity as a Top Priority,Indoor Location-Based Services (LBS) Can Help Identify Patterns.
Plant-Based Food Trends- 20: Growing Sustainable Food Production, Food as a Medicine Option, Plant Based Dairy Food, Plant Based Food Innovation.
Top Health Insurance Trends 2020-Insurers improves Transparency to strengthen customer trust, Predictive Analytics, Payers bring patients away from hospitals.
Vegan Industry Trends - Biggest Fast-Food Trend: More Meat plus Cheese ,Biggest Trend to Watch: Vegan Egg ,Biggest Vegan Cuisine Trend: French Food.
Unified Communication Trends- AI in communication, CPaaS, workflows and APIs ,Increasingly Considering EX as Much as CX, and so on.
Global Retail Industry Trends-Invest in Omni channel Retail Strategies, Provide a Personalized Retail Experience, Expand into Emerging Markets and Create New Channels and so on.
Digital Signage Trends -The Accession of Artificial Intelligence ,Further Rise of Interactivity ,Clarity and Accuracy of Data,A Range of Display Sizes
Fitness Industry Trends -Wearable Technology, Personal Training,Mobile based Fitness Applications,Chatbots
Top Digital health Industry Trends : rise of on-demand healthcare,The importance of big data in healthcare,Treating patients with virtual reality,The growth of wearable medical devices,The wonders of artificial intelligence,..
Top CRM Industry Trends : Merge of CRM with Big Data ,Integrations Will Make CRM More Powerful,Mobile and Social CRM,CRM and the Internet of Things.....